the speakers of The Growth Net 2013 Edition


Celina Ramalho
Associate, GO Associados, Brazil

Professor Ramalho is Ph.D in Business Economics from Fundação Getulio Vargas -SP, Master and BA in Economics from the Catholic University of São. She is associate of GO Associates. Professor at FGV-EAESP – Department of Planning and Economic Analysis Applied to Administration (PAE). She conducts a research project funded by GVPesquisa with the title Macroeconomics of Development in Brazil: Role of the State, Market and reflexes to business.
Professor Ramalho is translator of the books “ International Economics”- Paul Krugman and Maurice Obstfeld and “Bad Samaritans”, Ha Joon Chang. She is the organizer of the seminar LAPORDE (Latin American Programme on Rethinking Macro Economics and Development) at FGV-SP in partnership with Cambridge University. She is Vice President of the Ordem dos Economistas do Brasil.


GO Associados is a Brazilian Consulting Firm, specialized in business and services. Our expertise has multidisciplinary character and provides clients with expert advice in accordance with their specific needs. The partners of GO Associados and their team of professionals have profound technical knowledge and extensive expertise in economics, foreign trade, legal affairs and environment, as well as large experience in the private and public sectors and in international negotiations.
For us to always be at the forefront of knowledge and innovation and to maximize synergies with the academic sector, GO Associados works with a network of fellow workers and researchers at home and abroad. Our team participates in the production of information and conducts investigations for projects, according to the specific needs of our customers.