The Growth Net has been created to reflect the new reality of the global economy


It is the only event of its kind, with its emphasis not only on the new MNCs but also on the MNCs in the making, with its agenda focused on the common opportunities and challenges, the common ambitions and expectations of the new constellation of growth countries; it is also unique in terms of the business to business interaction it creates.
Growth economies continue to drive global growth. In the new constellation of economic vitality, a number of dynamic economies such as Indonesia, South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and the Gulf nations, to name a few, are increasingly latching on to the growth momentum generated by China, India and Brazil, powering global investment, finance and trade. The rise of diversified global conglomerates and agile new businesses from growth market countries is changing the way international business success is sought and won.
While existing international business conferences remain centered on the traditional players of the global economy and address issues related to this new constellation of growth as a “side show”, the Growth Net is here to meet a growing need and to fulfill an increasingly relevant and necessary role as linkages among the countries of this group keep expanding.



The Growth Net further boost the business, trade, financial linkages among the participating group of countries, helping to identify new business opportunities and creating new relationships. It provides an open platform to address the common challenges facing this group of countries and help crystallize some common expectations and ambitions for a more active role and a greater say in the functioning of the global economy
We also offers a unique and privileged context for sharing insights on global economic, business and technology trends and developing a fruitful dialogue among the business communities, government officials and the civil society from the countries of this new constellation of growth