The 7th Annual Meeting of The Growth Net provides focused opportunities for corporate sponsorship

The Growth Net allow relevant corporations to be associated with the only business platform that reflects the new constellation of growth where economic dynamism and growth will be in the foreseeable future given the rapid expansion of the middle class, the scale of existing and potential demand, the demographic dividend, the multiplier impact of the activity of a very potent group of new MNCs and the rapid absorption and leveraging of technologies. No corporate strategy can afford to ignore what this new constellation of growth represents.


As valued partners in the 7th Annual Meeting of The Growth Net, corporate sponsors and knowledge partners are offered a full range of privileges and benefits customized to their priorities and needs.
Among these many benefits, supporting The Growth Net will bring you the opportunity to:
  1. Be part of an innovative initiative that brings together the new forces of global business with an agenda focused on boosting the business and economic interaction among the new constellation of growth countries, addressing the common opportunities and challenges and fulfilling the ambitions and expectations of this group of countries
  2. Benefit from a privileged networking framework
  3. Create new business opportunities and relationships
  4. Strengthen the positioning of your corporation as a responsible player involved in the new growth constellation
  5. Associate your brand with the only high-profile event focused on the new constellation of growth
  6. Enhance your corporation’s global visibility and broaden its connections and reach
  7. Be part of a productive dialogue between business leaders, economic decision-makers and top experts
  8. Benefit from focused media coverage