4th Annual Meeting 7-9 APRIL 2016
New Delhi, INDIA


– Navigating turbulences, finding a path for higher growth
– Looking for more investment? Yes…But clear up India’s regulatory maze
– Translating innovation into business opportunities
– Priorities for improving the resilience of the new growth countries
– Preparing for the next disruptions: The global factors we need to watch for
– How ICT can help accelerate business growth and leapfrog economic development
– Boosting growth by addressing income disparity: The role of business
– Betting on the emerging consumer: Withstanding the cyclical challenges better than one could think…But differentiation is key
– Is India doing whatever it takes to become the growth champion of emerging markets?
– Developing the agribusiness sector as a more powerful growth driver
– What could Beijing’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative mean for new growth countries?
– Investors don’t like the tax lottery game: Addressing India’s challenge with tax predictability
– What India can do to attract more Foreign Institutional Investors
– From exaggerated euphoria to exaggerated gloom: What about sticking with facts and fundamentals?
– Corporate strategies for frugal innovation to conquer new growth markets
– The end of bearishness? The markets to bet on in the new growth countries
– Sustainability as strategic business imperative
– When refusing to bribe your way to contract is good for business: What will stop corruption being “business as usual”
– We need much more project finance: How to plug the gap?
– Enforcing the growth imperative: What governments and business have to do to make of high growth THE national priority


The Growth Net is a two and a half day annual event that is likely to rotate among some of the countries of the group. The discussion formats reflect the specific purpose of each session.
– Keynote speeches for policy formulation
– Brainstormings on issues of common concern engaging the participants in a process leading to genuine take-home values
– Business-to-business discussions on projects and opportunities in specific sectors
– Updates/briefings on business issues or national economies, with a focus on implications and opportunities for business
– Debates confronting perspectives on economic, geopolitical and business developments and what they bode for the future
– Panel discussions bringing together different insights to provide participants with an integrated perspective on the topic
– The program allows time and opportunities for participants to network and establish new relationships