Speaker 2014 Annual Meeting


Ibrahim Idris Ibrahim
Director General, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Married and father of two girls;
Director General for Boundary and Trans-boundary Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since mid 2013;
Special Adviser on the Nile River Basin and Trans-boundary Resources to the Minister from January 2011 to mid 2013;
Ethiopian Ambassador to Egypt from 2006 to 2011;
Head of the Ethiopian Team in the Ethio-Eritrean Claims Commission from 2002 to 2006;
Legal Affairs Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2002 to 2006;
Ass’t Professor of Law, Researcher and Dean of Faculty of Law of Addis Ababa University from 1983-mid 2002;
Senior Fulbright Scholar and Researcher in the United States, 1998;
Founder and Director of the former Ethiopian Human Rights and Peace Center-Faculty of Law, Addis Ababa University;
Initiator and founder of the UNESCO Chair Professor of Human Rights and Democracy in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University;
Consultant and researcher on international humanitarian law and private international law;
Commissioned by the ICRC, translated the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Two Additional Protocols of 1977 into Amharic, i.e. the working language of Ethiopia;
Participated as Academic Expert in the study of customary international humanitarian law sponsored by the ICRC, in Geneva, Switzerland;
Published several academic papers in different Ethiopian and international legal journals on legal, constitutional and human rights issues.