Speaker 2015 Annual Meeting



Audrey Mothupi
Chief Executive Officer
SystemicLogic, South Africa

Audrey Mothupi is currently the Chief Executive Officer of SystemicLogic Group. A global research, innovation and digitaltechnology firm with a proven track record for delivering practicalsolutions to clients across a disparate range of industries andgeographies.Prior to this, she was the head of inclusive banking at StandardBank Group, where the division she led was awarded the 2013BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation Award for innovationin societal and community impact. Audrey has experience inbanking, insurance, group strategy, human resources, marketing,communications and corporate affairs. Audrey serves on the Pick‘n Pay board, as an independent non-executive director – Pick ‘nPay is the second largest supermarket chain store in South Africa,established in 1967. She is also a trustee of the Liberty EducationFoundation, an independent trust focusing on improvingSouth Africa’s education system, with particular emphasis onmathematics and science. And is the Chair of Orange Babies ofSouth Africa, an organisation focusing on the prevention of motherto child transmission of HIV/Aids and the care of orphans’ andvulnerable children in South Africa, Namibia and Zambia. Andlastly, a Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative as part of theAspen Leadership Network.Audrey holds a BA (Hons) from Trent University, Peterborough,Canada, and further developmental courses and experience inCorporate Finance, Customers and Consumer analysis, EnterpriseEconomics, System Dynamics and Organisational Development.Audrey is a proud mother of two, 16 year old, Melita and 11 yearold, Zoya.AWARDS &